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Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Ayurveda Based Wellness Counseling


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on the slow opening of the fascial layer of the body while stimulating our energetic organ systems. The fascia is the connective tissue (shrink wrap) that underlies the skin, wraps the muscles, holds the bones together and is the conduit for the meridians through which energy flows. It responds differently than muscle and requires this slow approach to facilitate opening. The benefits of a Yin Practice are enormously healing for your entire wellbeing. The long holds become a time of inner reflection, meditation and peace. No prior yoga experience required.

Happy Hour Yoga

Let go and unwind in the early evening to refresh your body and mind as you end your day. This is a moderately-paced vinyasa yoga class focused on increasing strength and flexibility for any level practitioner (beginners welcome!)

Thai Chi Chuan

The 24 Posture Tai Chi form was developed in China in the 1950s as a simplified Tai Chi Chuan set that anybody can learn and perform. Its soft flowing movements can gently increase our balance, flexibility and improve our overall health and are adaptable to accommodate any physical challenge. Everybody can practice Tai Chi regardless of their age or physical condition.

Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons are an excellent way for new students to learn yoga in a non-intimidating environment that customizes yoga to the needs of the individual. At the same time, they provide a means for more experienced students to refine their skills and gain access to advanced practices rarely taught in the classroom that may lead to great physical and energetic shifts.  Private Yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Private lessons provide the perfect setting to address your goals and work on areas of individual interest. A private yoga lesson can be as therapeutic as a full body massage, releasing stored and blocked energy which can inhibit full freedom of movement.

Wellness Counseling with Kimberly Lewis

Wellness Counseling can go deeper into your health concerns, through a holistic body centered approach. Using Ayurvedic elemental theory, Kim will conduct a thorough intake evaluation to assess your individual constitution, lifestyle habits, and diet to create a balancing  program to meet your specific needs and goals.  After the initial evaluation, you will receive specialized instruction to assist in understanding proper guidelines to support a healing.  First session begins with an hour long intake to determine your needs.You will then receive detailed dietary, herbal and lifestyle guidelines, along with additional instruction to guide you.  The number of sessions needed vary based on individual goals and needs.